About High View Bed And Breakfast

A place that you will never forget

Highview is a Bed & Breakfast with a breathtaking view.

This country property, set in 75 acres, is located 50 minutes north of Toronto Int’l Airport.  It is built along Frank Lloyd Wright design concepts, with the home being part of the landscape as opposed to being super-imposed on the landscape. The magnificent views overlooking the pond, fields and woodland create a breathtaking backdrop to the unique design of the home and the individually decorated bedrooms.

We care about each piece of your stay – dining, activities, only best rooms. We have lots of propositions for introverts and extroverts as well.

You’ll be invited to stay in one of our three beautiful rooms with private ensuites. Enjoy our grand dinning room or smaller dinning table for breakfast. Take a walk in our private woods and enjoy the spectacular view then relax by the wood burning fireplace or socialize at the bar.



Highview is a Beautiful Bed & Breakfast and a Perfect Place For Gatherings

Large gatherings are a pleasure here at Highview. We enjoy hosting family celebrations such as reunions, weddings and Octoberfest. Have a Christmas or Easter celebration with the whole family. Corporate retreats and meetings are also available as our grand dinning hall comfortably seats 22.



“The only things you should buy are your memories”

Hanna Tayson



Highview is a welcoming and accommodating place to stay and spend time. Bring your friends and family for the weekend! We offer a large seating room (shown bellow) with a grand piano and plenty of seating. Or enjoy the bar and TV downstairs next to the wood burning fireplace. During warmer months there is an outdoor fire pit and well and an outdoor shower. The walking trails are perfect for off leash hikes or private picnics overlooking the view. Local restaurants, pubs, shopping and natural




House History


Here at Highview we haven’t always been a bed and breakfast. Most the house history is that of any family home. However, unlike most homes, it’s gone through some drastic changes. There is always something exciting happening here!

The house was built by the original owner in the mid 70’s and is twin to a house in Richmond Hill.  They built the garage first, making it function like a small house. The family of 7 lived in the garage for 2 years while the main house was under construction. That’s 7 people in the space of a three car garage. Talk about dedication! The oldest daughter talks of a time when the 30th Sideroad did not go down to the 5th line and in the winter she had to take a snowmobile to get to Highway 89 to catch the school bus.

The original owners had the structure of the house built. They had built the garage first then added the tunnel. Their budget received a major hit right before they started the house so they reduced the overall design by 20%. We’ve changed a lot since we bought it in 1996 but some things can’t be changed. There are some odd spaces in the bedrooms downstairs:  the window layout could not be changed and some floorplan is too small for the house. The walls are made from cement and are there for keeps.

The structure is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design. He was a famous American architect who revolutionized architectural design concepts. He felt that any building should be incorporated into the landscape instead of being superimposed onto the landscape. That is why the building has such a large overhanging roof.  This is a wonderful design feature for an arid, warm landscape. It provides shelter from the blazing sun. Unfortunately, it blocks the viewacross the landscape from some rooms in the house. The south windows of the house were originally high and narrow, so that all you saw if you were short was the fascia of the roof and a slice of landscape.  (The windows over the work area outside the kitchen). We fixed that since we moved in.

Mr. Wright also believed that outbuildings (ie: garage) should not be attached to the house. A practical designer he wasn’t, and he obviously never lived in Canada.  That is why the tunnel was built first on a natural fault in the landscape and then covered with rocks and a walkway that now form the rock garden between the house and garage. The tunnel is 110 feet long. It’s incredible and hosts a wine cellar. It’s cold in the summer and hosts great ghost walks in the fall.

The wine cellar never freezes in winter and is a cool place to hang out in the summer months.  It can hold 315 bottles of wine. C tasting and romantic dinners are hosted there.

In the common space on the lower level we have a huge TV, wood burning fireplace and bar. The fire place heats both levels of the house and is called KACHELOFEN. It’s made of specially designed clay tiles that retains the heat.  It can also be run with an electricity. The bar seats five on stools and two more on an elevated church bench. This area is great to lounge around in. It’s also the after-dinner party room for events.

Upstairs, the grand dining room seats 22 people when the table is full length. Windows run three walls, a fireplace sits on the fourth. It’s spectacular with all the fine china out. We celebrate everything in this room, anniversaries, weddings, you name it!

This grand dining room was originally the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. We didn’t like having the bedroom next to the kitchen so we moved it to the other side of the house.

Our upstairs living area hosts a small breakfast table next to the main sitting room. The lower fireplace heats up to this room. Here, the acoustics from the baby grand piano can be heard throughout the house while the private areas stay silent. This is the room we have our celebration gatherings before dinner. That’s usually before the sun sets.

One of the best places to be in the summer is the main balcony. Originally it was far too small and without kitchen access so we put in an access from the kitchen (formally a window) and doubled the depth of the area. We also added the spiral staircase leading to the ground floor. The view is always a treat.

We live off the grid here. The house is hot water/propane heated.  The propane tank is buried in the front of the dining room and the furnace comes from Germany. Glycol is in the hot water pipes for the heating system. We also host solar power and conserve energy whenever we can.

Our well water is rich in iron and calcium and is 220 feet deep.  We are located on one of the higher points of Ontario which is why it’s so deep. The property use to be farmland and the owners before us started planting old growth trees. When we moved in, we continued to plant them while never cutting them down. Now, most of the property is filled with trees and wildlife. We host our own private woods featuring wonderful trails. It’s a perfect place for picnics and proposals. Guests come from all over to walk our trails. People love to hike for all sorts of reasons, exercise, marathon prep, fun, dog walking, meditation and photography.

Recently, we had a few large renovations to upgrade for the bed and breakfast. New ceilings throughout and a few improvements where added. We gave our guests a kitchen and installed a catering center for larger events. Outdoor electrical outlets will fuel outdoor event tents.

Our animals are family. We maintain strict discipline so they are safe for our guests. It’s comforting to know we are kid friendly. Everyone is welcome here.

We love our home, despite all the renovations and hard work that has was needed. It’s comfortable, inviting and has retained a lot of charm. The view is breathtaking and can be seen from almost every room. We enjoy our home and know that when you stay with us, you will too.



For Booking & Information:

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